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Default 550 fan owners BEWARE

Hi, Just wanted all the Polaris owners out there to beware of the "mid-range" meltdown. I own 2 2005 trail touring dlx sleds...they both blew the engine within a mile of each other when they were 1 year old (less than 1,000 miles). Thankfully the dealer "fixed" them. Now, at 3,000 miles they both blew up AGAIN! This time within 100 miles of each other. We spoke to the dealer and was told Polaris won't help us at all. I called Polaris and was rudely informed that I couldn't speak to anyone that could help me and I needed to go through a dealer.

I went out and purchased a new Ski Doo TnT 600 ACE and trying to swing the $ for another one. I will NEVER own another piece of crap Polaris!
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Mabey do some research before you go out buying sleds. your right that 550 fans are junk. But besides the 550's Polaris is way better than skidoo!
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agree the 550 is not a good motor but you bought the 550 because of the cost, you get what you pay for,dont know why anyone would buy a fan cooled sled . good luck with the ski- donts, hope you have better luck then a couple buddys had with there 600 dos. poo wont fix your 6 year old sled, think do will fix your new one in 2017, if it lasts that long .
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Join Date: Jan 2011
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Current Sled(s): 2011 Ski Doo TnT 600 ACE
Previous Sled(s): 2-2005 Polaris 550 Trail Touring
Favorite Riding Area: Adirondaks
Riding Since: 1968

"you get what you pay for"? I would say that after spending $6000+ on the 550 trail touring I would get more than 3000 miles. And remember, I bought 2 machines! Not all of us are able to spend $10,000+ on a machine that can only be used for approx. 12 weeks. Just looking for affordable, winter FAMILY recreation. Glad I didn't have the kids along when they blew up. And just to let you know...I spoke to the dealer again (this time the owner) and he told me he had 5 dead machines waiting for him this morning, weekend kill! Guess I'm not the only one!
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I copied this from a friends fb page both 550 fans
one burned down a mag side piston, and the other ate a piston skirt on the PTO side.
‎2 sleds made in the same factory, on the same day, 6 years ago, with the same miles on them, with the last digits on the serial number only 9 digits apart .both find their way into my garage within the same day, at the same time, to have their engines rebuilt. isn't it ironic. ( last 3 digits 762, and 753) both built on 7-9-04 which was a fri. someone must have been day dreaming on the assembly line. alot of poo dealers were covering this as a "good will" warranty. I make the owners responible for parts. one ordered from Tom's, the other from Zahms. As far as i know.... no dealer support. I'll call Tom tomorrow ,... as I have some parts i need to pick up myself.
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Hoping those problems started after 2003..............

Sorry to hear about your problems with your 550's but I have two,a 2002 and a 2003, they have 4 and 5 thousand miles on them. Not one problem so far! Sleds run great in the very cold and when the temps get above freezing too. Have even rode when temps where in the 50'sF in the spring. Not one plug fouled in the last 5 years that I have owned them.....
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there was a long thread on here a couple years ago with among others, a ski resort owner having a real horror story with his 550 fleet. If I remember correctly, one of the problems being poor heat management on the 550 in the edge body, cooling fan sucking hot air from the exhaust pipe area.
And there apparently was a "rental fleet kit" available, consisting of air ducts to provide cold outside air for the cooling fan

Then, one of the rental fleet operators in town got 550's with more than 20k on the clocks. Why some has good luck with these while others have the opposite, I've no idea.

Myself, I'm leery of these, and don't feel comfortable recommending them to new sledders asking me for advice for an affordable sled
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you can't blame polaris for those, any fan cooled sled with that many cc's could easily overheat and blow up if your throttling them too hard
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Polaris Released a Nicasil update kit for engine that burned down and yes did provide "goodwill" warranty for those unit a few years after. Polaris cant keep paying goodwill warranty forever.... There hasnt been many problems with the Nicasil Cylinders. The biggest problem with these fan sleds is Jetting and the lack of checking the jets at the begining of the season or changing in colder conditions. There have been many Team Tips (ask your dealer) reguarding jetting to these sleds.
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I had a 2003 550 bought new and rode 3000 miles without issue. New owner daughter rides it now & has put another 2k. Its still going strong.
But...my riding buddy had a 2004 classic 550 for his daughter that suffered a meltdown. It got fixed with the kit. He has since sold it.
yes read on the boards about the problems others had. Do not know what the difference in mine vs. the 04-05s. We rode it like we stole it and had a lot of fun on our 2003. Honestly I wish I never sold it (its the black/yellow in the avatar) It was a very dependable sled used in all conditions.
Good luck with your new sled.
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