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ZR900 Jetting

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Has anyone found they had to stagger jetting on their 03-900 to get correct color/wash. Mine seems fatter on the PTO side. I'm running 440's with a T-flow, stock airbox, cones and shelf in, stock exhaust. Any input appreciated. :)
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With a temp flow jetting should be ok Iam running 450 right now .Hows your air/fuel screw adjustment?
Lots of people found them to be off mine where.How many miles on yours?
Dan even with the temp flow installed shelf and horns?
I've only got about 60 miles on, mag side in nice brown, PTO is black, and machine is very burbly below 6000, reminds me of an old zirt6. I think I may have a problem with the PTO side carb, dirt,etc. There was some shipping crap in the airbox below the shelf, and it may have injested some before I found it, or possibly choke is hanging up. Switched carb tops to rule out t-flow first, just haven't had a chance to run it since. Got air and fuel screws both at 2 turns out, seems not bad, idle not hanging anymore, and yes they were off.
FYI Barry doesn't recommend airbox mods with the t-flow, however I am unsure why-when not vented in the box it should be OK. On sleds using airbox venting I could understand how it could cause probs. AC900, hows your plugs/wash with the 450's and what elev are you at? Thanks for the replies, Austin
I know Barry doesnt recomend it I talked to him at great length about it.I thought the same as you with it being vented to the outside. Not much snow here in central Mn So my testing has been very limited.I will
experiment with the self out also. I have a D&D power breather that I wouldnt mine trying .450 arent a problem Idling was till Greg Spaulding told me what to do_Oh yea there was crap in my air box when I
took it home new cleaned it out before I started it up again.Keep me informed where are you located at?
AC900 I'm in S Ontario about 2 hrs east of Port Huron. Don't know how we compare in elevation but we sure got the same problem with lack of snow. :angry: Anyway, I'm actually out of town right now, but I'll let you know what I find. Got an 1800 mile trip planned for Jan 25, so I gotta get this sorted out next week.
I thinks its like 800 or 900 feet above here.
Well finally got busy today being as its freakin raining :wacko: and pulled the carbs off. Checked both choke plungers,OK. Carbs seem fine, no dirt. Jam my pumpkin in the airbox void and look in at the reeds and lo & behold a chunk of cloth caught in the petals of the PTO cylinder reed valve. :eek: :eek: So I look in the other one, and there is a small rubber plug for capping a hole in there. :angry: Well as I said it's raining here so I don't know if this solved anything, but I guess it couldn't have hurt!!
ZR9ER glad you found something not glad you have to take it apart let me know how it goes.
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