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zr/zl info.

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i went to start my 02 zl-500 awhile back and to my surprise it took alot of pulling so i checked the plugs they were wet so i changed them and after a few more pulls it started to sputter to life slowly one cylinder at a time then it ran fine ready to gogo well i went to start it again today and the same thing happened well last spring i drained the carbs oiled the cylinders added staybill to a(quarter of a tank left from last season,s riding)is it possible that the gas got moister in it by being only a quarter of a tank rather than filling it up to full or is the staybill gone bad it is 2 years old?
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check for kinks in the fuel lines..also might be a good idea the pull off carbs completely..inscrew the float bowels and inspect and clean them...also the stub hose that hanggs of the bottom of the bowl used carb cleaner and spray out the orafis holes...U would not beleive the buildup U will get in there from one year to the next..I doubt the gas stabilizer is bad...I used same bottle for several years on boat mtrs
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