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ZR windshields???

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Is the 03 shorter than 02 and 01 ? I bought an 03 900 and it seems very cold compared to the 01 800's that I have ridden. Can I get a taller 02 widshield or should I just get the ZL widshield? Most of my riding is in Quebec on the VERY highspeed trails.
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I have the same sled and I think that they are colder because we are going so much faster!

Seriously though, my budy has a 02 800 CC and his windshield is the same hieght as mine.

ZR 900
my ZR9 is shorter than my 01 ZR600 was for sure
I have the Sno-pro chrome windshield and it is colder and lower than my 01ZR8LE.............
The 02 cross countrys and the 03 Zr's have lower and wider windsheilds than the 02 ZR's. I have a 02 z 570 and it has the same sheild as the 02 ZR. I might be willing to trade, Ive been looking for the ZR 900 sheild for my sled. I just bought it new this year so it has no miles on it, perfect condition. My dad has a ZL and the windsheild is pretty ugly, dont get that one. Denny where are you located? That seems like a good trade. Let me know
The stock ZR for this year is cold (have one), the ZR w/s from a couple years ago is the right size but has no flare on top and is also very cold (had one of those). The ZL w/s is huge and very ugly, but warm. Best choice is last years MTN Cat w/s. Big enough to keep you warm and stylish enough to keep you from looking like a dork.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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