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Well, there has been alot of talk about this and after 1,100 miles it happened. I pulled in of the lake and parked the sled and noticed the the arm was hitting the blocks and the flap was on the ground. I picked the ass end up and it droped to the ground like a brick. I thought the springs were shoot so I turned the blocks from the lowest ( I weight 160lbs) to the highest ( cheap pieces of shit ) well it made no improvement. I thought now I need to replace the springs on my dime. OK Then! This is the strange part which I noticed while unloading from my trailer the day before as well. When I moved my sled by hand to turn it around to a flat surface the suspension then worked like it never happened. Full travel with no built in sag, which is complete bullshit. I did notice that before I moved my sled, it was not flat on the ground, the sled was tilting forward and a slight pressure was aplied to the front arm. Hmmmm!

Could this be just a weak spring ?
Could this be a factor of suspension design and shocks or both ?
Is there a recall on the springs yet ?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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