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I posted about this problem before and thanx for everyone for the tips so far but nothing worked yet.
My 98' ZL500 (carb) wont shut down. The kill, key or tether has no effect. The only way to shut the sled down is to pull the spark plug wires. I try grounding and jumping the kill switches. I went over the entire wiring on the sled. Including pulling the Stator. I cleaned and checked for tightness of everything. I unplugged all the accessories like lights and warmers.
I checked the voltage output for the ignition wire (black/red) from the stator to CDI and it ouput is about 60 volts AC and up to 90 when RPM's increase. When I ground this wire the sled shuts down. This wire is purple after leaving the CDI and has NO voltage. When I ground this wire it has no effect.
Ok here is the kicker: When I jump the ignition wire to the purple wire all the switches work fine. My dealer said I will cook something so I cant leave it this way.
You would think the CDI is bad but I had a spare and it does the same thing.
MY dealer said he never heard or saw this before. He even called other Cat dealers and they said the same. He gave up and now I am at a loss on what to do....
I put a house switch on the handle bars to groung the ignition wire but this is crazy I need to get this damn Cat fixed.
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