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Just a FYI for those who may not visit the Cat side of the forums- we've got a Thundercat in the shop and are working on a bunch of new products that will crossover for you Yamaha guys as well...

2017 Thundercat / ZR / XF 9000 Turbo Performance Products & Parts | Speedwerx Inc.

Coming late Summer to early Fall, Speedwerx will be releasing mapping software for the 2017 Arctic Cat 9000 and Yamaha Sidewinder models with the new 998 Turbo engine. This will allow anyone who wants to re-flash and or build their own custom mapping for these machines to do so. Features will be very similar to mapping released for the 1100 Turbo models in the past. We plan to offer Single Map and Multi-Map options- we will have more detailed info on this soon. The main goal is to offer a system similar to what the automotive industry offers, where anyone can map or tune at any time and do it anywhere.

This new software will allow you to:

- Send your box in to get re-flashed
- Have a map built by someone else
- Do your own mapping and tuning with the Tuning Kit
- Offer Speedwerx mapping and tuning to your customers in-house
- Offer your own maps and tuning in your store or in your customers store

These are all options with the new software:

- Each box will require a license @ $449.95 retail. Once this license is purchased (online), it can be re-flashed by anyone who has a map built for this machine using this software.
- Maps $ TBD
- Mapping Software and Cable Kit $ TBD (Tuning Kit)
- Speedwerx will also have a line of our own mapping and tuning available just like we have in the past for the 1100 Turbo models.
- Speedwerx is looking to set-up Dealers and Distributors , anyone and everyone who is interested in re-flashing there machine, or building maps for their customers.

Additional New Products Planned for the 9000 Turbo:

- Lightweight Muffler / Downpipe (these parts are combined on this machine) Testing will determine how many muffler options we will have available.
- Stainless Steel Head Pipe with CNC Cut 3-into-1 Merge Collector
- Aluminum Charge Tubes for better flow and heat dissipation
- Intercooler Upgrade for lower charge temps / increased air flow / more consistent HP over time
- Cold Air Intake plumbed direct to the turbo for lower under hood temps / lower turbo temps / more consistent HP over time
- Machined / Adjustable Weights for the TEAM Primary Clutch (2 Profiles)
- H5 Alloy Clutch Springs for the TEAM Primary and Secondary Clutches (29 total)
- Custom Machined Helixes for the TEAM BOSS Secondary
- True 4th Wheel Kit (tri-hub elimination kit)
- Cold Air Body Panel Vent Kit
- Speed Track Upgrade Kit (est. 5+ mph top speed)

Contact Speedwerx @ 651-982-6020 or email [email protected] with any questions.
We will share more details as development progresses…



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question was asked to me...how much for a basic map upgrade ala stage 1 (cheapest way)?
the yam sled will have yam clutches...you guys working on that also>?
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