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Yamaha Bravo Oil Recovery Tank Mystery Fitting

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Hi Guys. Just turning to the wisdom of the group here. I have 2 Yamaha Bravos, one is a 1991 and the other is a 1990 Transporter. They both have an oil recovery tank strapped to the underside of the consol. On these oil recovery tanks there is a fitting that points downwards that at one point had tubing attached to it, but in both cases the tubing is gone. Does anybody know where this tubing was supposed to go? Also, what size is it supposed to be. I've included some pictures, the fuel tank has been removed in the photos, and there is a ratchet handle pointing at the fitting in question. Thanks everyone.

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Thanks for the great info and speedy replies, guys! I thought I should mention that the ugly yellow tubing coming off the left side of the box (right as you look at in the picture) seems to be a vent tube as well, it goes down and out the bottom of the belly pan. Does that seem correct? Do you figure the fitting with no line on it is for venting as well? I did notice injection oil dripping out of the fitting with no tube, so I think directing that oil out the bottom makes sense.
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