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I snow checked an XC 129 600 last year. It's had an oil leak since I've owned it. Dealer thought it might be an issue with the self venting cap. I replaced it and thought that solved the problem but its now leaking again. Dealer suggested I keep the oil level down about 1" from the top when I fill the tank but that hasn't stopped the leak. It does leak less when there is less oil in the tank.

When I say leak.......its not a dripping or flowing leaking from the tank. I ride the sled and let it sit in the garage for a few days and there will be a small stain on the floor. The stain is a mixture of belt dust and 2-stroke oil. The outside of the oil tank will have a light film of oil on it. That oil over time makes its way onto the belt guard, runs down and around the guard to where it fits into the belly pan plastic, then runs down the plastic and onto the floor.
I checked the oil line fitting on the rear of the tank (that goes to the engine). It's not leaking there. Only other leak areas I can think of are, the cap, the low oil sensor or a crack in the tank.

Its under warranty and I should just take it back to the dealer but he is over an hour away (one way), has a 3 week back log and really this just seems like it should be a simple thing. I could probably just fix it myself if I knew what the issue was. It's a brand new sled...shouldn't be doing this.

Any ideas? Maybe this is a common issue? Anything specific I should look for?

The sled has 1800 miles on it so I've been riding it like this for a while.
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