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x-country racing F7 vs Rev600

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I've been out almost 300 miles racing against my brother x-country style (both of us former x-country racers). I'll tell you this: the F7 is a beast in a straight line- only reason able to out run him over x-country conditions on pipelines and old windy logging roads- But cornering, the Rev has done its homework. I'm still experimenting diff set ups to keep the damn inner ski down and eliminate that tippyness. Getting closer though. When i'm happy, i'll post what i've done. Anyone who thinks they have found the solution to the F7 handling, let me know.
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Yes mine was a very tippy SOB when I got it, and after playing with the set up for a wile I got it pretty good now, I put the center spring all the way loose Just tight enough so it wont rattle and the same for the ski springs, the rear spring on its lighest and the blocks on # 2, + you do need to sit a bit more fwd on this sled going into the corners, but now it works great, I went from hating the way it was on the corners to loving it, It is a diff riding style but you will get use to it, Owe mine has the snowpro set up And I am a 200 lb guy, so I dont no if this set up will work for you or not, Just try it and then make small changes, Good luck and ride fast


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