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WTB/trade for your old retainer ('02-up)

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Looking for somebody that wants to part with their '02-newer oil pump shaft retainer in perfect condition. I have my old one but there's a slight burr inside and I'm afraid to run it. My updated retainer just doesn't seem to mate up to my oil pump like the old retainer (anybody else experience this???). It appears as though the chamfer that the o-ring was supposed to sit in wasn't cut deeply enough and the pump refuses to sit 100% flush, although it might be good enough to get by.

Anyways... if anybody wants to part with theirs cheeply, or wants to trade for some Arctic Cat decals for their sled or trailer (I just finished trailers for two teams, one of which was an AC team). Just let me know. Thanks!!!
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i think i have one at home i can send ya. will check this weekend. it is in minneapolis and i am in lacrosse, wi for the week.

let me know if you want it.
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