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I woke up and we got like 1 foot of snow. I was so pumped up i put the wrong oil in my sled. Rode for 45 min and my sled wasnt preforming as good. Looked at my sparkplugs and one was way leaned out. I checked the compression in all my cylinders and have 105 in 2 and nothin in one. I took the motor apart and discovered i need a new piston. Dumb mistake eah. But ya gotta lern somehow.

The questions I have are.

What is the stock PSI per cylinder.
What do I torque the head to.
What do I torque the pot to.
How do I get all this bad oil outta my oil tank.
How do i make sure the Carbs are not jammed up with this bad oil. And after draining the tank do I have to prime the oilpump?

umm anything else i should know?

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105 is low depending on your tester. Should be 120-135. I would have a good look at the cylinder walls, and would be concerned about crank and especially wrist pin bearings. Head torque is 20fl/lbs, jugs are 24ft/lbs. You definately need to get all that oil out of the system, then refill. After cleaning all old oil from system:
1. Fill Oil Tank
2. Remove carburetors
3. Place a rag under the oil pump assy to soak up any spilled oil.
4. Disconnect - Oil hose
5. Drain the oil until no more air bubbles are in the oil hose.
6. Connect - Oil hose
7. Disconnect Oil delivery hose
8. Feed the "YAMALUBE 2-cycle oil" into the oil delivery hose using an oil can for complete air bleeding
9. Connect Oil delivery hose
10. Remove - Bleed screw and its gasket (plastic washer)
11. Drain the oil until no more air bubbles appear from the bleed hole
12. Inspect Bleed Screw gasket, replace as necessary
13. Install Bleed Screw with gasket
14. Install carburetors

Hope this helps you out.
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