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Winter Funfest

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I was just checking out a flyer about the Winter Funfest, Feb. 3rd to 6th. It sounds like a good time... snowmobiling, demo rides, a bonfire, fireworks, radar run, chicken bar-B-Q and a dice run. Supposedly, it's the largest state park snowmobiling event in New York State.

Have any of you ever gone to this event in the past? Did you have a good time?

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It's usually an ok to decent time.....it somewhat varies from yr to yr. It brings a lot of people into the park, so trail riding in the park can get busy.
If ya never been to it, check it out, but after going once or twice, its kinda like "Been there, done that" type of thing, at least for us.

Riding in Allegany can be Very good, the park people do an excellent job at keeping all the trails pretty smooth.

Where would the best place be to get into the park . Would it be better to ride in or trailer into the park.
Riding into the park , from what I know, is tough. The top side of the park is surrounded by Indian Reservation.

Trailing in is the most convenient for us. Plenty of parking areas once inside the park, All the winter fest activities take place on the Red House side with different parking lots around.

Originally posted by longspur@Oct 24 2005, 07:50 PM
Where would the best place be to get into the park . Would it be better to ride in or trailer into the park.

Longspur - if you have excess to a Fax machine, i can fax ya a copy of Allegany St Pk. sled trails.
The park has approx. 60 - 70 miles of trails.
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Don't try riding in through the res. I heard that they confiscate sleds if they catch you. :augen41: Don't know if that's true or not. Best to rent a cabin, and stay there. We used to rent on Gypsy Trail. Usually most places in the park are booked up. They have fireworks. When they light off the fireworks, they make sure that everyone is off the trails, so that the firworks don't hit them. We parked across from the spot where they were lighting them. It think that it is exit 19 or something. It's the Quaker/Red House area I think. We stayed with a larger group (more then 4 cabins) and everyone brought food and beer. We had deep fryed turkey and all sorts of grilled and fryer food. Lots of beer. What a blast! It does get ho-hum after you go for a few years in a row though.

Forgot to add the link:


Make sure you bring your registration and insurance card for your snowmobile trailer, snowmobile and vehicle. They will not let you in elsewise.
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I visited the park about 2 weeks ago and picked up one of there photocopied maps.(thanks drift hopper for the offer) Just wondering if I trailered the machines into the park will they have some type of gas service set up for the day of the winterfest. I also got a Cattaraugus County map and believe it showed a link to the park from trail 2CB crossing the 219, is this correct? At this location would there be gas . Also, is it a club running the winterfest. What else goes on during the day, is there any pre registration that has to be done? One last thing , if I rode from Springville, how long would it take and how many miles. thanks
ttt for Thumper

I went a couple years ago,i didnt like it to much.Me and my wife did the poker run,they give you a map and you gotta find the checkpoints yourself.The map sucked and so did the directions out on the trail,at a few checkpoints we made it to there was no one there to take care of ya.It was free so you really cant complain to much to anyone,i just wouldnt do it again.
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