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will a RX1 camshaft work in my F-7?

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Lets get ALL the stupid questions out of the way once and for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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just greased my belt, to reduce friction, thing really hauls now
If I oil my track, will it shed moisture easier and get better traction? I was thinking of using WD40. I have a cousin who did this and said it took 3 seconds off his 1/4 mile time. (now he's running 5's) :huh:
Waxing the bottoms of your skis works also. Just like x-country or down hill skiers do.You do want to carry different wax for varying snow conditions,though. Also, be sure to re-burp sled after you flip your sled back over after appling wax!
Originally posted by Captainkev@Dec 19 2002, 09:51 AM
I know the Cat has built heavy Equipment for many years now.
What suspension mods do I have to do to put the track from a D8 Bulldozer on my F7, and does it come in a SnoPro version?

The D8 track comes standard on the RX-1 ton.
Will a RX1 beat a F7?
I copied this from american snowmobiler:
RX 1 up side down
shylock44 on 12/6/2002 7:55:00 PM

Was ridning the RX-1 yesterday and managed to end up in 4 foot culvert along side of the road. Tipped up on it''s side it was giving me the first full view of it''s belly, quite impressive. Anyway could not tip the sled back right way up so I was stuck.. A guy stopped by to help with a tracker but after acloser look decided he liked the way his bumper was in present form, Sent someone to grab my Avalanche and came back with a tow strap. Well could not pull the RX in two wheel drive on bare pavement had to shift into 4 wheel drive. Made me go MMMMMMM???? Anyway got it out and started rather hard ( flooded) and away we go. Word to the wise carry a tow strap so you can take a running start at it if you only have another sled to use.. Not a bash on the sled after all I bought it and am pretty happy with it but not real happy with my driving.
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I was hoping to have a big litter this year..... So
I have been trying to stud my sled ...... but he gets real nervous around other sleds and loses his hardcoresledder
F7 -- Snowmobile??? I thought this was a forum for the Canadian military's new fighter jet??
I thought the Canadian Airforce was the Labatts Blue Angels ??????? :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
I didnt REALIZE CANADA HAD A MILITARY :blink: They dont seem to use it.

Can I get those studs with a DIAMOND TIP. I hear the carbide ones fall out, and they say its more durable :wacko:

Also, I bought a F5 for my daughter, do you think its too much for her? She's 5 right now :rolleyes:
That thing got one of them soodukee motors under dat der hood? Asked by a sister loving fat girl chas'n hillbilly.
If I put the engine in backwards will that give me reverse?
If you take the cosine of the hypotenuse of the a-arms and it's snowing in Peru, do your uncle Bob's beer farts still smell like lipstick on a pig? :huh: uhh, what?
how many rivets does it take to install the hood screens :wacko: :wacko:
If i put my f7 engine in a zr120 will i have to move up a class?
I was thinking of adding a new muffler belt, supposely it helps the backpressure or somethign like that :p , I heard this from a Doo dealership.
Do i need to add blinker fluid to make my blinkers work on my snowmobile. Cuz they wont turn on?
Just heard speedwerx has a super high performance govenor spring kit for the F-7s.
1.Has and one installed the kit yet?
2.Will it beat an F-7 with a dakota clutch kit?
3.Do I have to burp it after intstalling it?
4.Will my steering arm stop hitting my head after install?
5.Will my oil light stop coming on as soon?
6.How should I gear for this?
7.Can I remove the whole dam air box for better flow?
8.I read that the gov. spring will help the push and inside ski lift?
9.Will this make my speedo brighter?
10.WHERE THE HELL DO I PUT THE SPRING?????????????????????????????????
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F7, its out of gas and it will not start!! Please help what do i have to do?? I pull and pull but it does not start?? I have put new plugs in it, new belt ,skis, hyfax, and studs!! STILL DOES NOT START!! HELP PLEASEEE! One more thing the check engine light just came on, i think it is because i have not changed my oil.
:huh: Does the FIRECAT come in Four Wheel Drive, or just Two Wheel Drive?
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