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To top it off, my wife got me my running board grips, Cat keychain, recoil handle, and spent hours on the phone tracking down and purchasing a red patriot hat to match my sled.
Glad you got a wife who gives you stuff like this, too.

Merry Christmas!

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Mrs. Claus was extra good here too.
Nice new boa PJ's for herself, strung on her bod for about 5 seconds last night.
Beauty yellow snow screens for the F7 Sabercat SP.
Also got grips and edges.
Awesome pair of F7 caps to keep the snow off my roof and the kewl factor as well, when with the group of non Cat owners. (losers I am afraid to say) Well OK not afraid just concerned for their following. If they were not there Cat would have no competition and we might not have this awesome F7 right now. Still losers though no matter how I try to explaine it.
She did alright too though Saphires and Diamonds this year. Lets do the math....well lets not as the F7 SP was purchased before Christmas but still considered the treat of the bunch for me. OK except the boa PJ's and the treats it attempts to cover.
One problem here this Christmas is the bottom burner on our old stove bit the biscuit last night doing a Steak and Kidney pie (Irish thing). Needless to say I am burning up the bird on the BQ right now and it is looking awesome. Decided to do it up Jerk sauce and all seeing how it will not be the traditional oven roast with stuffing and the works. (had to split it in order to keep cooking time down) We always wanted to try one on the barbee but did not need to get forced into it.
Happy Christmas once again and the best to all.
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