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Why the MY F7 got beat bad

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My last post was yesterday when I got in from the field racing. The boys that were beating up on the F7's .....like the summit800ho and the proX700 and 800 were waiting for us. The last time we raced them we killed them and they were seeking revenge. I woud have to say we were running on a dirt field with a trace of snow and THEY were set up for it. Our F7's were stock right out of the box and those guys didnt even have carbides on the front .....just filed down wear bars. Thair tunnels were drilled out and so on and so on. Just running stock carbides is enough to loose in fozen dirt........I couldnt figure out why we were loosing but the truth came out today as the facts and rumors travelled around today. My dealer knows all those guys better than me and he told me if I want to race with those guys I have to be all the way in and DONT SHOW UP TO THE DRAGS WITH A BOX STOCK SLED.........I tought this was friendly racing but these guys were out for revenge and knew what was going to happen...........
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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