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:blink: I'm in a dilema, I sold my 01 MC 800 LE and live in eastern SD but frequent the west as I recently moved from there. I changed the track to a harder durometer lug and different lug pattern for better on and off trail manners. I originally had ordered a 600 '136 but upgraded to the 800 '144 because it was a very cheap upgrade offer. I sold my 800 because of lack of time to ride this year and I figured I'd buy a new one next year. However, now no MC 8 or 900's are avail in 144. I was hard enough on hifax the first year I had my 144 that I am not willing to buy a '151. Unless someone says otherwise I'm stuck either looking for a holdover 900, or paying coin to have Fabcraft build a turnkey for me. I'm sitting on my hands.
1. Can anyone tell me if you can pay someone under the table for a new one to be built with a 144
2. Will Cat make a possible release that 144 will be avail
3. Why did Cat move away from 144 on the big iron?

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