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Who's going eagle river!!

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Just wondering who is all going to the world championship derby in eagle river this year!! :huh:
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I went by the place on sunday. I saw they had the snow making machines out and running.
Won't be any riding going on in eagle river...can't stand to see those racers flying all over the place while i'm sitting my ass in the stands...just doesn't seem proper in january.
Tell me about it, I live in EagleRiver and was planning on going to the derby this year.I'm not sure I'll go though.It seems lately that it either -20 or no snow when its time for the derby.And they call this place the snowmobile capital of the world?I thought half of that requirement was SNOW,which not too much is in the forecast.I'm praying for Two inches ,so I can play on the lakes!
We are planing on a 10 day stay at Tomahawk from
the 16 to the 26 if there is snow.
:wacko: We go every year, leaving Thursday am and coming back Sunday pm. Been going for 15 years now. Used to drive the sleds from Green Bay to Connover where we stay. Now we are lucky if there is any snow in Eagle River, period. Can't believe how things change. Things look pretty poor right now. Had our first snowfall last Saturday - three inches which melted by Sunday evening. Can't take much more of this.
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