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Hi Everyone,
I am very proud to sponsor this site! I just wanted to give a little background on Road Track and Trail and my passion for the snowmobile industry. I have been passionate about snowmobiles for over 25 years; actually, since ten years of age. I currently serve and have served in multiple snowmobile clubs since that age. I have done everything from getting new trails passed with land owners, brushing, charity, groomer sponsorship, club racing sponsorship and aiding the clubs in general.
I started Road Track and Trail in 1999 with basically nothing to my name. The first couple years in business, it was just me, doing the selling, wrenching, buying and all the aspects of running a business. The store has come a long way in 15 years, from basically the smallest pre-owned powersports store in the country, with only myself as the employee, to the largest pre-owned powersports dealership in the world, with 33 employees.
It’s always been a dream of mine to have a large indoor pre-owned snowmobile store. Although we have always sold sleds on our main floor, we simply outgrew the snowmobile space and needed more room. Two years ago, we purchased the building directly across the street from Road Track and Trail, with the sole purpose of displaying snowmobiles and taking on an Arctic Cat franchise. During the past two fall seasons, we were able to display over 240 sleds indoors at one time. Talk about a dream come true for me and our customers. My jaw still drops every morning when I open that building.
In 2012, we sold over 400 pre-owned snowmobiles and some new Arctic Cats as well. We are on pace to sell 500 snowmobiles in 2013. At this moment in time, I am not sure of many stores out there that are dedicated and passionate about selling pre-owned sleds (indoors).
Commonly asked questions:
Where do your sleds come from? The answer is everywhere and anywhere. There aren’t many pre-owned sleds for purchase in the Milwaukee area, so we acquire them by wholesale, dealer trade, consignment or trade in from almost anywhere. We need many avenues to offer a selection like ours.
What preparation is done to the sleds at your store? It starts with ten service technicians. Six of the ten are Motorcycle Mechanic Institute (MMI) graduates. I have sent four of them to Arctic Cat school and currently have one Cat Master for ATV’s and sleds. We typically have two mechanics dedicated to our snowmobile store that are familiar with all sleds.
Each sled gets a Safety Check; a multi-point inspection to help our customers have more miles with smiles. Along with a safety inspection, another inspection is performed in front of the customer at the time of delivery.
What if I have a problem with my sled? We eat, sleep and breathe this sport just as you all do. As you can imagine, out of 400+ snowmobiles, there are bound to be a few that are problematic. Road Track and Trail is not in the business of leaving our customers “in the cold,” so these few are always handled on a case by case basis. As the owner, I encourage you to discuss any issues with us (262-662-1500), whether it is a past, present or future sale. We want you to be as happy on your sled as we are on ours.
We are 4-time winners of the Dealer Top 100 (2010-2013) for excellence in powersports retailing. We are 2-time winners of the Best Independent Dealer award (2011, 2012 – for pre-owned dealers) but we are no longer eligible with the addition of Arctic Cat.
We became the Nation’s largest pre-owned powersports dealer two years ago and we are now the World’s largest pre-owned powersports dealer! Our customer base consists of more than 50% previous customers or referrals from previous customers. Unlike a single line store, we see every brand of sled, and we have become familiar with the quirks that come with each one. This gives our mechanics and sales people a knowledge base that is unseen anywhere else.
Vintage Museum:
I have 10 vintage snowmobiles on display in our sled store. This list includes a fully restored 1971 King Kat 800, a 1970 Johnson Skee Horse, a 1963 Arctic Cat T100, a 1969 Olympic, a 1971 Nordic, a 1970 Panther 680 with Montana Pipes, a 1973 Rupp Nitro 400, a Cat Cutter, a 1977 Olympic and Tucker Hibberts 2011 winning point season mod sled.
Most of the employees are long-time sled riders, and the ones that weren’t became riders when we took them out for the first time on one of our annual rides. I have been fortunate to have the ability to give back to the staff and the community with fun, interesting events. We have been lucky to hold “meet and greets” with the following professional snowmobile racers: Carl Schubitzke, Johan Lidman, Andrew Carlson, Bobby LePage, Levi Levallee and Tucker Hibbert! We also had a rare appearance from a 1972 Boss Cat II (not a person but just as exciting).
Each day, I open the doors at Road Track and Trail and I am still surprised at what it has become. I am very proud of this store and I am happy to relay the knowledge and savings to our customers that comes with 15 successful years in this industry!

Thanks for Reading, see you on the trail!! Nick Rank- Owner


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