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Who has the most snow around michigan?

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does anyone have enough for a lot of people to ride?
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i got a standard black f7 w/ red hood screens, temp gauge, and trunk bag.

i was thinking of changing that piece too red if it looks good. btw what did you do with your red one? :rolleyes:

P.S. 18 driving a 3/4 silverado
have the red one hanging in my shop, if i remember i'll bring it along,
kinda pain in the ass to change, little rubber rings hold it on in the front,
could be changed in the cold but would'nt be fun!
18yrs old your ready for a beer!!!
dave and f7 ditch jumper...im still sticking to my guns and staying at silver city..i know they wont get as much..but Ontonagon is supposed to get just as much as houghton...and ontanogon is only about 20 miles up the shore from where im staying in silver city...anywho..more then likely ill trailer to ontonagon or houghton...i think she said its about 40 min up the shore from where my hotel is...when are u guys going and how long are u guys staying??? im leaving Early Saturday the 28th...and staying thru Tuesday the 31st provided its ok...let me know what u guys ride and who will be with...Im going and i got 6 other guys....My pappy with his ZL 800...and RTSF7CAT from this fourm...its a red and yellow standard graphic with tons of yellow goodies...(F7)...and two a 02 and 03 MXZ renegade 800's ....if u see the crew or my blaitlantly obvious sled give me a shout of a drive my five! haha...anywho...let me know!! i suppose ill just look at ur pics on the photo gallery to memeorize whos who haha...heres mine and my old mans sleds...


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well thank you
well big chief its kinda hard to spot your firecat from some one elses. they all look the same ya know. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

im leaving thursday and coming home sunday unless i change do to weather. It looks like its gonna snow sunday through tuesday..... hum..

BTW i stayed @ silver city last year.... it sucked. We went out riding through octagon to rockland. From rockland we went to houghton. That "bill nicholls trail" between rockland and houghton is awsome. Im talking 115mph for 5 mi between stop signs. Just one little catch you gotta "RESPECT" the trail signs. Especially that sign that shows a snombile going down a hill. When u get to houghton there is a 45 degree hill that is 200 feet long with a HIGHWAY at the end of it.

Me and my dad are going.

I got the f7
my dad is driving his Blue Pantera 1000.

I got a score to settle with him. will the pantera or the f7 be faster? Will the tank with the Monster twin or a small light weight f7 twin? Note: the pantera has 1.25 track w/ studs. still think he'll take me except the turns.
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im staying 3 miles west of town..along M-107 at silver sands...im thinkin we should trailer to ontonagon ...the ride from our doorstep along the shore to ontonagon might be rough...ontonagon is where the snow line is starting and is going north up to houghton..maybe we will see yah then....how far is rockland from ontonagon?? ive never been to UP before...except for the last time i went up and went from wakefield to silver city...thanks! hope to see yah
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