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Who has the most snow around michigan?

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does anyone have enough for a lot of people to ride?
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NW Lower, a couple of inches or so. It is snowing lightly right now, but time will tell whether it adds up to much or not.

looks like houghton/hancock will have enough by christmas
I heard that Newberry was suppose to get a foot more of snow by wednesday.
were is newbarry, is it in the keewan penn. ?
Newberry is in the East central U.P. Ridden through there before, nice place.
ill be in houghton if they got snow on thursday. gotta do that six hour drive for the snow.
ditch jumper just reservced a couple of rooms at best western(franklin square) in houghton, will be there dec 26, could not take a chance on munising having snow
well anyway, hope you have reservations i took the last two rooms at b.w.
ditch jumper were do you live?
i have a nine hr drive to houghton from chicago, also were you staying at in houghton?
should be four of us up their on f7's, get together for a ride
shit. i guess i gotta go book a room now. I leaving from the Lake Geneva area in Walworth county, maybe you have heard of it. near where US route 12 meets I 43.
go to lake geneva every year in march for wsa race, the grand geneva resort
i live 12 miles east of rt 47 wich takes me straight into lake geneva

not to burst your bubble but you have a little more than 6hr drive ahead of you,
keep in touch will have to ride next week, hell you may have to sleep on the floor of one of our rooms, i called three motels before i found these two rooms at the best western
phone # to motel 906-487-1700, give it a shot, maybe they had someone cancell
just got home yesterday from hancock and it is rough i would not advise anyone to go there untill they get some more snow.
there supposed to get 12-20" between now and x-mas according to the weather web sites
I gotta rooom rrooom rooom, clean friendly clien friendly ....YEAH....... (actually a super 8 comercial)

LAST room @ that place and its non-smoking YEAH

:D :D :D :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :p :p :p :p
sheesh even that dam super 8 is booked. this was the 4th place i tried.
ditch jumper,
look us up, white 4 place enclosed trailer, with team arctic down each side with huge green flaming cat heads,
being pulled by a f-350 4x4, 4 door larait, company truck, says burk plumbing inc, behind rear doors
staying at best western, franklin square, its the best western with the lounge on the 7th floor
we'll be there about 1 p.m. on thursday
or come by the lounge i'll buy ya beer after ride is over
you cant miss me i'm 6'-2" 265lbs with a flat top, and one of my buddys is 6'-4" with a flat top
Hey dave

What are u driving, i might see u up there since i got the room right above you. If you hear alot of jumping and running around @ 3am in the morning you know i made it up there. :D
Well i dont think you could buy me a beer but I know my dad will take u up on that offer. :D
i have a red f7 sno-pro team arctic pckg.
i changed the nose piece(air intake) to black and have a orange chrome windsheild on it

how old are you? dad wont let ya have one
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