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Who has a coolant gauge?

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Where is the best location to put the t-fitting at? Which hose will have the most accurate temp. reading? Also, does anybody know how many volts are at the accessory fitting by the power valve motor?

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i put mine right under the coolant tank on the hose coming from the running board . that was by far the easiest hose to connect it too but its also the coolest . my temp gauge just barely moves to the 105 mark while riding but one time i did have to ride in low snow conditions and gauge went to the 115-120 area i believe but the stock temp light never went on so i know it did not get hot enought to shut down , plus it was only that hot for a minute . it really does not matter where you mount it because you will have an reading no matter where you put it and have the stock overheat light as a back up.
Directions with gauge say to tap in line near thermostat housing.
where is a good place to get it from, The dealer or?? I would also like to get one for the pipe, anyone have one for the pipe? and where did you get it??
Unless you want to pull your motor it's not going near the thermostat. I asked GLS at AM Snow if using the hose coming out of the head would give you an accurate temp reading: answer was yes-but make sure too maintain original I.D. of all fittings used.( I think it's 3/4" but check yourself)
I would buy from A.C., kit has everything needed.
Hey just got mine installed today. Im gonna put the gauage into tomorrow. The sensor must go on the hose between the crankcase and the frontheat exchanger. To access this you must take the back half of the skid plate off. This was the first firecat that they had installed one on. The hose is very short with a turn in it. It will be nessecary to to remove the hose. With the hose removed cut it. Then place the sensor in the hose, and clamp it. Note the hoses on the firecats seem to be slightly smaller than 1". Thus makeing it a "real bitch" Then put the hose pack on the crank case and exchanger. This is the only place to put the sensor to get a "hot water" reading. If you want a "cold" water reading install it where dana did.

It was a "real bitch" to do :angry: I need a miller. :wacko:
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Ill posts pics of it tommorrow when i get it done

the sensor should go into #17
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Did you use a t-fitting in the hose? Or something homemade? Did you use the A.C. kit? How long did the job take?
oh yeah. i guess i left that out
Cat's t-fitting in stock hose or did you replace with another hose?
stock fitting, stock hose.

i think the hose isnt 1 inch but 7/8ths or 15/16ths. fitting is designed for 1 inch.
why didn't you use the hose connected to the head? Wouldn't that have given an accurate reading all the time, seeing that it is controlled by the thermostat.
The hose connected to the head will give you the tempature of the water going to the engine. That water will be cold. according to dana only 105 degrees on normall days. I wanted the temp of the hot water coming out of the engine.
Ok on the location but how much room for the t-fitting? And how long did it take from bellypan off too bellpan back on.
in reality its a personal preferance where the sensor goes . i wanted an easy install that only takes a few minutes so i opted for the cold water reading . no matter where you put it it will work fine . seeing the f- cats have a reverse cooling system the cold water goes into the motor from the top and works its way to the bottom and then out throuh the heat exchangers and then back around . if i ride in some low snow conditions you can see the temp rise and then drop when the snow is deep enough . if an when the motor gets to an overheat level the dash light will come on but till then its nice to havet the gauge to see the varying temps as you ride .
Ditch Jumper Let us me know what the temp. reading is when fully warmed up in that location. Also I highly recommend installing the gauge in this location, instead of the hood location. It's easy to put there and the console is cheap to replace.
nice job cajun, looks factory.
Thanks but its my buddies sled, mine is in the same location but no pics just yet, will update when done. I put my fuel switch behind dash with zip ties works fine just not seen. His is seen in picture at the other accessory location. Has another fuel sticker on the way.
I thought about putting it there but i wont be able to see while im driving. In order to see it there ill have to stop and put my head down to see it i think. Im going for Dana's install location for the gauge. It will probably take u an hour to install the sensor, run the wires, and put the plate back on.
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