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White Chirstmas

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Drove 9 plus hours to have a white christmas in western UP, worked out great.Couldnt get any sledders to go with me so I finally talked one of my daughters in to going.She took the MSA snowmobile safety class two seasons ago but has not had time to go intill now. Next day She had a great time even tho I wore her out first day 160 miles ,out 13 hours.Wish I could have had a pic of the jump she made with the old 340,4 foot of air nice flat landing.It was nice to spend time with her she'll 18 in a couple of days .Pic is on Chirstmas day
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The way this season is going for us 9 hours for snow like that is a bargin. :div20:
I tell ya for a fact XC,, it dont get no better then that!!!!
You my friend, are indeed a Hard Core Sledder! :rockernana:
her smile says it all lol great day for you two
sounds like a good trip. There sure ain't no snow around here now.
that is the only part of Michigan that has any rideable snow right now.

How sad is that.................

The only thing worse is looking at the 10 day forecast on Weather.com and not seeing anything promising in the future either!!
Nice job taking your daughter with you. Mine is Four and I cant wait to take mine someday.
Thanks Shawn & every one else.

Heres a link about the UP from the Mi. forum http://www.hardcoresledder.com/forums/inde...howtopic=200001
also a pic from the 26th trail 11 or 102
Man, that is awsome. One day when you are old and not able to ride anymore, maybe a little down, your daughter will say "dad, remember when you and I went to the U.P. and rode. I sure do." You can't put a price on that.
If it is camping, sledding, biking, hiking, etc. Our kids will NEVER forget the stuff we do with them... Or don't do.
Glad you are Doing rather than Don't...Hat's off to you. :div20:
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