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:dunno: Guys thank you for answering alot of my questions about my f7! What a bitchin site. Well you guys have sold me on an ods clutch kit. My question is which one do I buy? I am hoping to get a kit that will give me better performance throughout the pwer band. I am an agressive trail rider that likes to road race sometimes. I want a kit that can be installed and left alone. I don't plan on messing with the weights, and have had friends tell me to stay away from the "notched weights". Well whatever weight this kit comes with I am going to go with ODS beacuse 90% of you guys recommened it. I am just confused as to which model to order> Are notched weight clutch kits hard on belts or somethin? Thank you guys!!! You guys are awesome. 04 f-7 efi sp 128 rider. Mt. Shasta California. :zzz:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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