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Which do I buy?

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ok, I currently own a 2000 ZR 600. Blew it up last year, in the shop now. I LOVE this sled. I intend on keeping it too.
So, question is this...I currently have an F7 on order, but with all of the "problems" that seem to be inherent to this
sled, I don't know if I should get it or go to a ZR 800 efi. I realize this forum may be a little biased, but I am not sure
what to do. I really want that F7, but not the headache. How are the new ZR800's? I have heard of some piston
problems.? Any input...????
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hey firecat spanker I belive you had 240 studs, v-force reeds, clutch kit, geared down, and gutted air box. That means that you spent about 8,750 dolars to keep up with a stock firecat that only cost 7,400 dolars. That is about 1300 dollars more than I spent. And about the c and a pro skis I did not need them to turn I got them because I am such a hard core rider and when u take turns at 90 it helps.
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