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8 guys are leaving jamestown ny and n.w. pa. this morning.
heading to dubois wy. they have been going there for 12 years.
they say you do NOT go out there with nothing less than a 2"
paddle. they all have '06 attacks 1000 with 151" x 2".
if you go with anything less well i hope you like to shovel snow.
why shovel when you can float. it's a no brainer....
that's if you want to do any type of boondocking, which that's
what they do.
two weeks of shit cond. around here or two weeks of
boondocking at 11,000 ft. plus....
if you are going out west go with a group it's cheaper.
they have it broke down to $950 per person for two weeks.
that's gas and condo.
not bad for two weeks of play..........[/b]
Wow, thats a drive do they go straight out?... Im about 1.5 north of Jamestown and just for fun i mapquested going to tog and its almost 29 hrs... I have no desire to do that at all....Im flying out to Jackson hole on tues and heading up to tog...

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they were going thru ill around 2:30 pm today. they drive straight out switch drivers with every tank of gas.
one of the guys that is going out is, lance he is one of the head mech's in jamestown for yamaha.

they said they are going to stop at the lodge at towgotee for dinner on friday.
three are driving and 5 are flying out.

i will post some pictures as they send them to me..
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