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What should I do with my rusted pipes?

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Well this year I decided to do something with my rusted triple pipes on my zrt. I really dont want to get new ones! I am thinking about repainting them or get some kind of coating on them after I sandblasted them. What do you suggest me to do?

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I had same problem on 99 T-Cat last year, send them to Speedwerx & had them ceramic coated including silencer. Cost was $300 but look great & got rid of heat shields.
Paint 'em. A piss can of high temp paint is about 3.75. That is alot cheaper than 300.00
After you paint them, get some wd40 and spray the pipes everytime before a ride and they will lasta long time beore needing paint again. Old timer trick I found out and it works pretty good.
I just sandblasted mine and painted them with stove top epoxy paint. Looks realy good. Seems like a realy strong durable paint. Got it at Home Depot about 8 bucks a can.
Thanks for all the helpful info!
PJ1 high temp paint works well.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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