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What I see in the future.

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I was sitting here pondering an idea the last couple of days about the following thoughts that I had. :doh:

I would really think that it would help the area out significantly if the clubs all submitted grooming schedules to each other. This would make it far easier to coordinate the grooming of chronic bad area's. If the clubs were overlapping by a bit it would help rule out the bad area's where they meet. I think the reason for this is that I'm sure the groomer operators have a concern about if a neighboring club's groomer maybe coming the other way and a logjam may occur. This is very important in area's around Corridor 19. With really no room to manuever the groomers past one and other, you could end up stuck real easy. Pine River forest is another as well as Polly's Crossing area. Could you imagine being in a groomer coming down the Hell Ride Hill in PRSF and seeing a Tucker coming up? That sure would suck! :banghead:

Maybe starting a pinned thread on this forum would give the clubs an option to try this. It would really benefit the riders as for trip planning. With the high price of fuel people are going to want to know where the good and bad are, so they can plan to avoid those areas. With having some sort of posted schedule I think that it would kind of even out the trail system condition's. People would have positive info in hand to plan with, instead of just guessing where will be good and bad.

Imagine if you know the schedule, you could plan nice loops that would be consistant as far as trail conditions. It would provide you with alternatives to bypass the heavily traveled area's on your trip back. :div20: This is really going to come into play on C-19 as having lost the covered bridge in Ossipee. Know if you want to go to the Castle for a day trip, you will have to park Truck/trailer at WLSP, ride out by trailblazers, proceed south to Polly's Crossing, and go thru Transformer Hill area to approach the Castle from the south. The past years you could go one way up and the other way back. Now the same trail mileage will have twice the traffic. :frech32:

With the ongoing development of the Coyote district over the next year or so, you could utilize Pine River Forest to Green mountain to Heath Bog area to Lake Ossipee and tie into SOS and OVSC trail systems at the lake edge. You could also head south down to SLSC trail system towards Wakefield or Province Lake then down towards Miss Wakefield dinner towards Lake Winnie and up to Castle or Moultonboro and back thru the Sandwicj Sidehillers trail system and on to Wonalancet. :luxhello: :luxhello:

As you can see, the trip options are going to be endless. If clubs posted suggested different trip and trail options you could provide for a more balanced area to ride. Maybe even to go as far as rating certain area's as far as time or experience level terrain. This would help out with famly and newbies to the sport. I know that parts of the Green Mountain area and Mount Whittier are going to provide some people with a white knuckkle experience if they are not prepared or expecting it. Vista and picnic suggestions would also help the riders. Maybe list where the clubs snack shacks and what the hours of operations are. :wut60:

If the clubs use the same type of info system as each other such as mileage to next junction, or perhaps to a destination I feel more people will explore these fine club trails. This would help with the overburdened area's that people keep going back over for fear of getting lost or not finding services. :dunno:

We could use this pinned thread idea to maybe help the Lake Ossipee area clubs get the info out on current events that are being scheduled or if a trail is closed or groomer down etc. If help is needed it would provide an area for the clubs to respond for requests for help etc. :help:

The following clubs will really gain from this type of working system: Mountain Meadows, Ossipee Valley, Sandwich Sidehillers, Scrub Oak Scramblers, Wolfboro, and the Seven Lake Club. With this consortium of clubs you have to see the incredible potential for the area! Where it is hard to find volunteers this would go to providing a manpower resource between the above clubs. :no_bashing:


Freedom rider
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You are right about the tracks needing to be removed.

The latest track study, now several years old, stated that it would cost in excess of a million dollars a mile to bring the tracks between Ossipee and Conway back up to passenger car/freight standards.

The reintroduction of passenger rail service over this line is a pipedream kept alive my a handful of local politicians catering to the tree huggers.

To rip up these tracks and make 19 a decent trip would obvioulsy induce more sled traffic to the area, hence more tourist dollars.

And this area needs to do all that it can to promote tourism.

But as long as we keep re-electing the crew that we do.....oh well, we reap what we sow!

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Originally posted by freedom rider@Sep 14 2005, 09:40 AM
The problem with ripping up the rails is that the corridor land would revert back to the original owners. <div align="right">index.php?act=findpost&pid=874394

Not neccesarily. Case in point, the City of Dover. Once the tracks through town were removed through a series of eminent domain & private negotiations, the entire stretch is slated to become a city owned trail.

You are correct that it would be a near insurmountable proposition to build a trail system that would entirely bypass the Corridor 19 section we are talking about. It would actually be easier to begin the process, politically, of having the State obtain the rights to the track property with the eventuallity of removing the tracks.

While both ideas would take time, money & plenty of resources, removing the tracks would still be the easier of two choices.

In the end, neither will happen anytime soon, and you are right; let's enjoy what we do have, it is much better than losing this route.

It just sends chills up my spine when I hear a local politico talk about spending millions of dollars to revitalize a small section of rail. It would make much more sense to spend much less money on a bus based transit sytem and spend the left over funds on improving the deadly sections of Route 16 than to waste funds on a method of transportation people shun. The money spent on the seacost for the Northeastern passenger service is a fine example of government run amuck. Come by anytime to watch the empty trains pass through the seacoast numerous times each day, 'cause you and I are subsidizing this AMTRAK boondoggle to the tune of millions each year! :frech32:

Ah, but I digress.

My personal thanks to you for the enthusiasm you are showing towards snowmobiling in the Ossipee region. :luxhello:

Hope to be at the October 1st meeting and get my feet wet helping out the OVSC/Coyotes club and making Ossipee one of the premier snowmobile hubs in the State!

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Good points Freedomrider....

I have become familiar with your efforts via Mark at OVSC.....Mark & I both have camps nearby each other.

I do have some ideas to kick around, and have a source for some possible tool/equipment donations.

Looking forward to meeting everyone on the 1st, and will definitely be at the next trail party! :beerchug:

Remember, it has to be a "posted" trail to ride, or you must have written landowner's permission to be on property not your own. Basic New Hampshire OHRV laws!

While a number of people do shortcut the powerlines, it is not a recognized or maintained part of the trail system. Fish & Game will not let you go if you claim that you thought it was OK 'cause someone on a website posted that PSNH had a letter somewhere granting permission.

Yeah, I know, the fish cops have been pretty lenient about that section of trail so far.....but all it will take is one fool to generate adjacent landowner complaints and all bets are off.

Better to let the OVSC/Coyote guys check out the situation and see if this portion of trail can be legally brought into the fold, than to let everyone think it is OK or sanctioned to use this section....

Our sport has enough detractors out there, lets be safe & not sorry!

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Originally posted by nhrev@Sep 16 2005, 04:05 PM
shortfused, I was not implying that everyone should ride power lines cause there is a letter in Concord saying you can.  I'm a club president I am fully aware that a trail needs to be posted to be riden legally.

All I was saying is for clubs in area to find out who owns the power lines, if some of it is owned by PSNH, then attain a copy of the letter for the clubs landowner records and post the trail open for sledding. :cn:
<div align="right">index.php?act=findpost&pid=878122


I did not mean to imply that you were trying to lead anyone astray. From reading your informative posts, I know that you are well informed and would not encourage anyone to violate OHRV rules.

Unfortunately, there are others who frequent this site who would take the advice you were giving and twist it into an excuse to use this area improperly. I am sure, with your experience, that you are probably all too familiar with the minority of sledders I am talking about.

That said, I think your suggestuion on checking the status of this particular area is advice well given, and I think the right people are now aware of your great idea!

I have visited this site for a number of years, even used an alternative identity for awhile, but I was disappointed in some of the routine bashing going on. However, the threads started by members of the OVSC and Coyotes have really peaked my interest and I spend way too much (enjoyable) time here now!

And let me close by thanking you for the highly useful information you post for all of us to peruse!

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I remember there was a little hoopla this spring about it all, but it all quieted down once the numbers for construction began coming in (the million dollars a mile thing). Also, it has not helped any that AMTRAK has become such a boondoggle, and here on the seacoast one of the best kept secrets is the lack of ridership on the highly touted Boston to Portland run.

I think with the billions of dollars the feds will be paying out for Katrina, coupled with whatever damage will be wrought by Rita, will drastically curtail federal construction dollars for speculative transportatio projects like the Conway rail for many years to come.

I think it id a safe bet that, tracks or no tracks, the only mechanized traffic to travel these tracks (besides the handful of choo-choo hobbyists) for anytime time in the forseeable future will be a snowmobile!

Anyway, its always good to look at any and all alternatives, and I am greatful that you folks are doing just that....

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