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what could be the problem

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me and my buddy raced across the field after he got the upgrades and my f7 walks away from his he says after it blew up and he got it back with the upgrades it didn't have the snot that it did before could it be because it blew up or could there be a problem
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I second that snowhunter!

My sled has gotten better the more miles it gets on it--duh!
If he just got his sled back and went right to the lake to race
it's a wonder why it blew the first time! :blink:

It could be a lot of things. First off the dealer touched it. Who knows what they left out of adjustment after all the work. I’d do a compression test and compare it to yours. If they are the same then I’d start looking at the motor/clutch alignment. I’m assuming they pulled the motor so they may not have it in alignment with the secondary clutch. When my Viper lost a motor mount bolt it also lost a lot of top end speed and the R’s were a lot higher due to the clutch alignment being off.

This could be another reason to recommend the Blair Morgan edition REV to him ;) .
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