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Went to Grand Marais Michigan this weekend

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Well I got some good news and some bad news I rode my F7 and put 200 miles on it this weekend with ZERO problems. Grand Maraid had about 1 1/2 feet of snow. As I was waiting for my dad to catch up I was going slow and a polaris prox 800 came up beside me and stoped he said do you wanna race? I said Sure. Im 6'5 270 pounds and the guy I was racing was about 180 pounds. I waited for him to nail it as soon as he did i nailed it and i jumped out in front about 3-4 sled lengths and kept him reading my snow flap when we got to about 90-95 MPH he started to really fall behind!! when I got to the end of the road he just kept going I guess he was pissed that he got spanked by a F7!!

Ok for the bad news When we came home from the U.P yesterday someone broke in to our house and trashed it and stole ALOT of stuff. :angry:


So far under the belt....
01 ZR 600 With twin pipes, clutch kit, V-force, and an air box mod :D
01 ZR 800 With Speedwerx pipe,Clutch Kit,V force, Air box mod, Mono block head and jets :D
03 Prox 800 Unknown of any HIPO parts. :D
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John glad to hear the outcome of the race sorry to hear about the hiest. Been there before. I hate to sound cynical when it comes to insurance claims but speaking from this miserable experience I can tell you that honesty (on home contents) doesn't pay. I'm not saying pad your contents excessively but be aware the insurance companies are in business to make money and will scrutinize all items to a tee. Good Luck!!.
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