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More about Fun2Rent

We would like to welcome Fun 2 Rent as our newest supporting vendor!
Thank you, Fun2rent is the first community of powersport owners sharing with other owners, in a safe and insured environment.

This is an online platform connecting owners of powersport vehicles to those who are looking to rent. We are similar to the Vacation Rental By Owner sites. Both owners and renters are provided liability coverage, and full coverage insurance on the vehicles and vessels.

We developed Fun2rent to create a community of powersport owners sharing with other owners. Rent out your sled and use this income to help with expenses or to rent a boat or jet ski from another owner in the summer. All-in-all its a pretty basic match making system, that enables us access to more of the things we powersport enthusiasts enjoy. This blog post goes into more detail about the benefits to owners of listing their vehicle on Fun2Rent.com.

We welcome any comments and suggestions as we grow our community.

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