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Well since mine is a 2004 F7 I read on an earlier post that the lower coolant hose rubs on the motor unless service bulletin was done. Decided to check mine to see since the prior owner said "all" updates were done...Gee guess what, the hose was 1 ride from bursting. If you have not checked yours do it, its easy to see once the exhaust can is removed..it wears to the left of the recoil assembly for orientation where it enters the heat exchangers. Also I was advised once under there that I would notice the main oil line rubbing also...guess what that was also. SO you need to look and only way is to remove the lower shield. About 8 tork screws & its off. I used a chail hoist & a choke to lift up sled safely. Worked like a champ & the chail fall cost me a whole $39 new.
I decided since I was under there anyway & I had to replace the hose, loose coolant etc... I may as well add a water gauge. I chose an autometer 4369 its 60 degree starting temp made it the perfect choice. Size is about 2 1/16" so fit nicely where I mounted. Gauge uses 12VDC I chose to use the fuel pump leads, & fused the line at 1 amp. THere is like zero load from this gauge so I cannot see how pulling from the fuel pump DC power matters...You can get a rectifier to do the normal AC on sleds to DC if you have a load GPS etc... for gauge I just figured be more shucks to break or fault from. If you do the gauge use a 2" holesaw it will fit nice & snug. I chose to enclose all wire in a flexible conduit & neatly routed/ zip tied all of it from gauge to sender. Sender mounts into a Rip & Grip T nicely. Cut out the approximate width of the "T" in your new hose or partial if you choose to leave the side to the motor attached. I did choose to do that, that piece was fine I just cut out the section that was damaged & replaced with that portion new. Is it a bitch to get in there, kinda but with patience its a 30 minute job max under the machine to do the T & oil line cover. Worst part is cutting the line & getting slippery antifreeze over you & the tools.. The lamp for the gauge has a red boot over it to match the firecat gauge color, the gauge I chose matched perfect to my color sled. It is pricey $158 ish from Summit, plus you need to buy the "T" & misc stuff to strap wire. Lost about 2 quarts of antifreeze with the machine lifted in the position shown. Bled for air after complete, rocked sled & lifted high. Checked & side rails got warm.

Glad I read the posts on the rubbing, if not sled would have been down right after I got to ride.
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