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Watch for cracking hoods i've seen several with cracks now

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I've seen several hoods now that have the start of cracks down towards the front were thoose cables hold the hood up when its open. We got w8ing4snows glued right away as it had a 1/4 crack and I noticed I had the same but figured it could wait tell later if I was carefull about having the hood open. Nope I got a 3.5 crack now on the one side :(. Be carefull opening your hood and don't let the wind blow on it. I've seen several 05-06 Ms and CFs now with the start of cracks and heard of a few cracking like mine. On w8ing4snows we had a local bodyshop lay a bead of there glue around the support the cable screws into and it seems to work and should help as a preventative. I'll post some pictures of mine later. I think i'll try and find a place farther up the hood were we can mount the cables that has more material to hold to and won't put as much stress on the hood. Pics to follow.
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No pictures sorry my camera is non functional. Anyone know why when I take pics with a Cannon SD450 it turns out all white.
now you ganna go after cat too or what ??
(i was typing that in a friendly sarcastic way)
Nope. Be hard to prove thats the problem when there are scratches from tree branches all over the hood. Dealer will help me out on repair or replacement though he already did one as a preventitive maintanence.
Watched at the hindge too. The small thin part that gos under the venting at the nose to the left and right of the hinges will snap too.

Mountian fit hood make a great light weight hood for the M and Xfire you can put all your ducting in it too.

Yeah mine cracked there also after the upper part let the hood flex being it cracked. Thoose mount points are just way to low on the hood there is to much pressure on it.
Thanks for the heads up. Can't think of a snowmobile that I've owned that hasn't cracked the hood from normal use though. Cold weather and plastics don't mix well.
Just that you can see the stress marks when they sit new on the showroom floor. Bodyshop guy says there is just to little material there. I'd suggest having it glued by a bodyshop right away to prevent it from cracking its working so far on w8ing4snows. Once I get mine back I'll be finding a different way to hold the hood when open and posting it up.
i put this in my letter to cat, anybod got pics ?? if you post pics can ya send name number and addres for contacting reasons for cat ??
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