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Originally posted by ridelimitedfirecats@Oct 6 2005, 06:11 PM
Not trying to make a stupid thread, but I was talking to waranty about buying a hood off of him and he said that on Monday a guy was going to call him and tell him whether or not he was going to buy the hood. So on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and twice today i have PM'd him and he hasnt responded. Even in the classified he posted he still hasnt replied about the hood. Maybe he just doesnt know how to use his control center and maybe he is just computer illiterate like my dad is. I dont know. Either way he hasnt replied to my PM's and i hope he sees this. Waranty please ADD REPLY.  :div20:
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just a thought but if you cant get ahold of him now are you sure you want to send him money for a hood? not meaning anything against him but ive seen this scenario a couple thousand times.
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