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I have played with boost control module with very little increase in horse power I also have two boost guages and egt plus afr gauges
you must read the boost pressure from behind the thorttle body there you will see true boost pressure
all I ever gained was 8 hp more So for everone that wants MORE power its simple contact JayJay thru this site or contact them at
wickedracinparts he set me up with a new trubo ,aftercooler and oil cooler and everything that goes with it I have to say that every part fit
awsome just remove to old and bolt on some ponies to the tune of 200 Hp with about 140 flps torque now this baby ROCKS
I have dealt with many manufactures over the years and without any doult JayJay has treated me the Best and really knows what he is talking about
So I say again thanks to the boys at wickedracinparts and have a merry xmas and happy new year

Let'er Buck
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