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dis-assembly pull the 2 ves block bolts, remove valve, might take some persuaison but
much easier to pull apart if motor is warm. once valves are out remove blots from the black cap, becareful spring is loaded, remove nut at the to of the valve, becareful there is tendencey to have these nuts loctited on, and valve stud could twist off the valve dont use a vise!!! :banghead: :banghead: , once all apart hot soapy water for the rubber baffle, soak the valve with easy off oven cleaner, I used alot on each valve, and let them set over night cleaned what came off easily and repeated til spot less. a bit of elbow grease is always recomended

use parts / carb cleaner for the valve block make sure the little hole is clean some compressed air will work. and the matting surfaces to the cylinders. a good sharp razor works good

hit the local dealer see if there is an updated spring for the 800 I think there is
in fact thats what I am lookin in to myself today. If I get the part nuber I'll post it

reassembly valve goes thru the block, baffle on valve stem valve washer and nut to follow, tighten the nut "FT" with some blue locite. add the spring balck cap and bolts

clean cylinder from left over gasket. add new gasket, insert valve so the beveled edge is down in the cylinder.

throw in the block blots and its good to go.
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