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Advertisers/Vendor rules and regulations:

1. Any and all commercial posting on the forum requires and Advertiser or Vendor credential to do so. This includes: A business name Usernames, business information in your Signatures and or Avatars, soliciting in private message, and any and all commercial posting in threads. Failure to sign up as a vendor prior to commercial posting will result in your post being deleted and your account being blocked and or banned until the proper credentials have been added to your account• Refrain from flooding any forum(s) with your ads, and• Refrain from bumping your threads once per day (24 hours). We are not indicating that you are not allowed to post ads but be reasonable to the amount of ad threads created in a sub forum. If you have a sticky thread allocated for product promos, please post your ads in the designated area. Regular members would like to enjoy useful and informative threads on a sub forum without being cluttered with advertisement every other post.

2. Before posting on the forum as an Advertiser or Vendor please ensure to have your Advertiser or Vendor tag on your account. If you’re having trouble with your account set up please email us at [email protected]

3. Advertisers and Vendors should be respectful of forum staff, members, and other Advertisers and Vendors. If you have a conflict with a member, staff, or another Vendor please send a private message to the site administrator.

4. All advertisements should include the price of the product and the dates the sale (if applicable) runs for.

5. Vendor and member with disputes over products, service, refunds, etc should try to keep discussion off the open forum. If you do have a dispute please try to keep it to private messages or off the forum.

6. Vendors are not permitted to use the member classified for advertising. These sections are intended for members to sell items they have, not for commercial postings.

7. Vendors who have purchased their own company specific section within the vendor section of the forum will have permission to moderate posts and threads in their own sections. This included editing posts, deleting posts, and deleting topics. This power is to be used to keep the section clean and organized and not for deleting negative feedback. Vendors caught deleting negative feedback can face an infraction up to and including being banned from the site.

8. Please remember that this forum is shared by all and to respect the governing rules of the site. Please remember commercial posting is a privilege and understand that you are a Member first and a Advertiser/Vendor second, the same site rules apply to Advertisers & Vendors as they do to any other H.C.S. member and you can be given a vacation or banned from H.C.S. just like any other member can. We have zero tolerance to those who choose not to comply with the site rules/policy.

Infractions based on # of repeated occurrences:

1st - Warning via PM and delete post or thread that caused infraction.

2nd - PM the reason of infraction and one week Suspension.

3rd - PM the reason of infraction, advise one more infraction will lead to perma BAN and two weeks Suspension.

4th - Perma BAN

• Do not slander any other Advertisers or Vendors here on H.C.S. or any others sites.

• Please comply with directions asked of you by Moderators or Administrators on H.C.S.

• Do not slander Moderators or Administrators on H.C.S. or any other sites.

Thank you for your co-operations. If you have any further questions please feel free to PM anyone of our HCS staff or myself (Justsledder).

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