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My friend
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Seems unrealistic. Worth a call to a lawyer.

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yeah no bueno......your buddy needs to lawyer up now! also depending on the state some DUI's with motor vehicles DO and WILL count against you, in a state like Minnesota where the speeding tickets are $500 for 6 over your buddy is and could be heading into a world of pain.

Did your friend willingly submit to a sobriety test in the park or was he stopped, was there consent given by your buddy? any witness's? time of day, what was the reason of the stop etc? there are some moving pieces here, shoot me a message.
Get a Lawyer, I live here and the Park is pretty lax in most cases but they don't stand for reckless driving i.e. excessive speed and going way out of bounds jumping off docks speeding through portages etc. Not saying your friend was doing that but whenever there is an event that draws alot of people, the Rangers are out. Too many accidents over the past decade with alcohol involved including fatalities. Honestly I am glad they patrol since I am tooling around with my wife and kids and I see people barely able to walk climbing on their machines. This past weekend we stuck to the lake just to avoid oncoming traffic on the trails and heard of several close scrapes people had with oncoming machines. I had heard they were out pretty thick down toward the Crane Lake end of the park do to the races this past weekend. Hopefully your friend was very cooperative. I assume they made him park his machine. Federal Court is where this is headed or at least with a Federal Judge.
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That's a good point about federal court since it was in a state park. Your buddy really needs to pay a retainer and get to work with his attorney and get a game plan. Not only could this get really expensive for your buddy, but it could long term effects that change the outcome and course of his life.
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