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NE Ohio
$25- $125.00
Selling some gear that I haven’t worn in a couple years.
First up,
Well used Ski Doo BV2S XL helmet with electric shield and an extra regular shield. $60.00 +shipping
The helmet was purchased in 2007. Helmet is well used and could use a new yellow silicone breath box.
The electric shield wiring was repaired. You can see the repair in the pics. Homemade RCA mount.
Please note, both shields have some imperfections, (light scuffs). Also the red led tail light won’t power up anymore.

Klim Klimate jacket, size large, gore-tex, black. Jacket is in excellent condition $125.00 + shipping

Klim Vector pants, size large, gore-tex, black. Pants are in excellent condition $125.00 + shipping

Klim Everest jacket, size large mid layer, heavy fleece, blue/ black. Nice condition $25.00 + shipping

Klim Everest pant, size large, heavy fleece, black. Nice condition $25.00 + shipping

Klim Summit glove, size large, red/ black. Nice condition $25.00 + shipping

All items come from a non smoking home.
I updated my gear a couple of years ago and it’s time to move this gear along.
Any questions let me know.
Thanks Nick


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