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Last month I picked up a seat/tank combo from a '98 chassis to replace the two piece seat and tank on my '92 chassis. Today, I started to work on things and have figured out that I have a bit of modification and fabrication to do. The oil and coolant tanks kind of get in the way of the tank where is slips under the steering hoop. I'll be able to modify the coolant tank mounting point so that it will work, but I'm having difficulty with the oil tank. There is a section of the gas tank that sticks out and hits the oil tank.


Does anyone have a solution to this problem that won't require 50 hours worth of fabrication? My first thought was to heat up the plastic of the gas tank and see if I could push it in to give the oil tank more room, but I'm not so sure I want to do that. I'm afraid it might weaken the plastic.



^^^ a work in progress...
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