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Truck and Sled combined Mileage in one day

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Left the house down below Allentown, PA. 4:00 AM on Sunday morning. Made it to Constableville, NY at 8:40 AM. Meet some guys & gals and started to ride, made it about 10 miles, Yamaha overheated, water pump took a shit. I had a spare 600ZRT in the trailer, went back to the truck. We picked up the sled with the truck and unloaded the ZRT. Back on the trial at 11:30 AM, rode over to Montague for lunch, flat and fast! Rode Reactor road three times super flat, State troopers where unloading at about 1:00PM, enough of the racing, headed back to the truck. 100 miles on sled, good break! Left Constableville at 3:30 PM, back home at 7:45 PM. 570 miles on truck plus 100 miles on sled = 670 miles & lunch at Montague!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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