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Trail Permit

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I have a few questions about trail permits first people from michigan where are you putting urs ,2nd people that are going to Canada or live in canada how much a trail permits this year.
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In Ontario they are now:

Seasonal Trail Permit $170.00
Seasonal Permit if purchased on or before December 1st $140.00
7 Day Permit $100.00
Daily Permit $35.00
Replacement Permit $10.00

thats why i dont put mine on till i get pulled over cause those things are so ugly i say screw that. but that might not be a good thing to do but i never got anything from it.

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To follow up on F5firecatsnopro's question, people that are going to the United States or live in the United States, how much a trail permits this year?

Obviously, the US like Canada is just a small little place that sells a single trail permit good for the whole area. Certainly, we Canadians don't need to know anything about geography we'll just remain somewhat self centered as assume that the US is some quaint little place to the south of us. We'll not bother to ask about prices in Vermont or Michigan or New York etc. just permit prices in the United States!
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