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Just throwing this idea out to you fellows.

I've got one more trail sleds than I really need. Thus I am willing to trade it for a real nice Vintage Mode Sled. Would prefer a Merc Sno Twister, ThunderJet, Yamaha GPX, or something along those lines. Also open to what you have to offer.

The Artic Cat is a 2002 ZR 800 EFI. Sled is mint with about 2,500 adult owned miles on it. Has D&D clutch kit, Ceramic Exhaust, new Reed Valves, 8 inch carbides, screen kit, heated grips, Reverse, and last year had a new Hacksaw track studded and installed. Only put about 20 miles on this sled since new track was installed. My estimated value of this Cat is around $3,250.00. I am willing to trade it evenly, add cash if need be, or even sell outright.

Let me know what you have ?
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