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Current: 136" 1.3" Cobra with 153 studs.

The outer lugs are starting to tear so it's time to go track shopping.

Thinking about either a 1.25" Ripsaw II and use my current studs in it, or go to a deeper 1.5/1.6" track.

Question is this. Has anyone gone to the deeper lugged track such as 1.5 and then studded it on these sleds? I'm not riding without them as I'm a pretty "spirited" trail rider and have no use for a snowmobile without studs where I live. Is there clearance for that or would I need to change the drivers on the driveshaft to accommodate?

I'm happy with the performance of the cobra but the durability has been less than expected. I had a 1.25 Rip when I bought the sled and it was great on trail but not awesome in the deep stuff in the swamps.

Feedback appreciated! :bc:
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