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Track Off Center

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When I pulled my snowflap off to stud my F7 I noticed that the track wasn't centered in the tunnel. It had zero clearance on the throttle side. However, the track was centered on the skid. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it anything to be concerned with? At the time I had both springs set at medium.
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Yes you should be concerned with this. Your alignment is off.

You only think it is centered on the skid because the tunnel keeps it from moving too far off center. I found the Firecat track alignment to be quite critical, but it is worth taking extra time to do right, as my F7's tract is very free wheeling and I averaged over 15mpg on my recent trip to Quebec.

The track should be centered in the tunnel and the rear idler wheels should be centered in their 'grooves'. Look at the performance manual or the setup manual for details. You will need a 1 1/2" socket to loosen the big axle nut. You HAVE to loosen that nut to do it correctly. It is very critical and a quarter turn on one adjustment bolt will throw off the alignment. The is another place where details count...A LOT!
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