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Track lugs

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If some of you were curious to hear anything about the Trail Grabber lugs...I can tell you what I think. Last night I put 309 on my Sno-Pro and we went out riding today. We did 70 miles on logging roads, trails, rivers and about 10 to 12 miles on the lake at 111 mph, according to my guage. I really liked them...not as aggressive as studs but a happy medium. Checked them all and none are damaged or missing. My buddy had his 2000 ZR600 with a 1.25 track and we compared by switching and it's amazing how much more in control you are. We very rarely, if ever use studs up here; usually too much snow and to aggressive for bare ice.
I'm very glad I put them on.
Compared to the ZR...this machine is awsome!!! Getting on the ZR was like going back to a ET340!!