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Track Lug Studs, Who's Using???

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Guys, last year I ran some track lug studs in my polaris with a 1 in. Camoplast Predator Racing track. I had to cut each of the screws down, so they would fit. They are recommended for lugs greater than 1 in.

They seemed to work O.K. but I actually do not know because I was running regular studs also.

"Has anyone used, or know someone who has used the lug studs ONLY?" I am contemplating screwing 300 or so of them in the F7.

They do grip but i'm worried i'll get to much flex on the 1 3/8 in. lug that it won't be worth it. I did have a few pull out of the lugs also. I'm thinking it's because my lug wasn't long enough in the first place and I had to cut the studs down minimizing the amount of penetration into the lug.

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Fire Chicken,

I ran 168 TLS's on my 02 Zr800CC last year. I put approx. 1100 miles on them and pulled them out before I went on my last trip out to Montana(deep snow). Overall, I was happy with the benefits that they gave in the braking, cornering traction, and where some-what benificial in the acceleration dept.

Overall, I was happy with them but do realize that they do not perform like 'push thru' studs, especially in the acceleration traction area. They served the exact purpose of what I wanted them to. Oh, and when I removed them before going out west, I took exactly the same amount out that I put in.... all 168 were there. They did show quite a bit of wear(the TSL's), but I somewhat expected that, especially considering that it was pretty much a low snow season in the upper midwest. I had no damage to the track.
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