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Track Horsepower vs. Engine Dyno

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I hear alot of people talking about "Horsepower". This is all focused on the engine output. I agree - engine output is the initial means of measuring the power. However, you aren't going to move to fast unless the track HP is up as well.
What I want to know the track horsepower. Does anybody have this information? OR is anyone going to get this done? (Don't suprised if you lose around 50% of "Engine Output" to the track)

Thanks alot.
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There was a guy in town with a track dyno but he sold it. I would guess that the track hp is around 80 on the F7 whitch is not bad.........To increase track hp go to the belt drive instead of the chain case.....they claim a 15% increase to the track.......although I dont think it would stand up to the punishment of ditch riding.
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