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Top Quality CAT Dealers

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Please list the quality dealers only, NAME and LOCATION I'll fire the first shot

SS Sport Store, Inc. Mercer, WI.
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Sun & Snow Recreation
New Hartford (Utica), NY
GARGANO'S Sales and Service------East Haven, CT
Bible Hill, Nova Scotia CANADA

-Bill Crawford, Owner
Bob's AC in Milan MI took great care of me on three sleds I bought elsewhere (from friends) so I ordered my F7 from them. I have never had service work done at a dealer, but I have heard great things about their service.
Snowmobiles Unlimited in Durham, Ontario. On a past trip I needed quick service and I got to the dealership as he was opening the doors in the morning and he took me right in and fixed my sled. 4 hours working on my sled and he charges me 1 hour labor plus parts. :D
Dimmerman Bros. MN.....Doug and Al ^_^
Ecklund Motor Sports in Oshkosh, WI, 1st class sales and service!
Oops. Forest Lake , MN. :unsure:
Farwell Motorsports----Randy Macdonald head mechanic and owner great combination no run around answers, knows what he's talking about! Highly recomended from me and the guys I ride with.
Cannon Power Sports in Cannon Falls, MN. Jason, Ray, and the crew provide top-notch service. Excellent Cat dealer.
Pro Cycle St. Cloud Minn.. great sales & service
Cooks Recreation, Otisco NY Thats two for george
Fun and Gun racing Hughler, NY
They'll set ya up, plus prices beat anywhere else for fun!
1 - 20 of 74 Posts
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