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Well I wanted to see what the newest ZRT would do and I have yet to have really stuck it to the bar so... It was nice and wet today, kind of misting as we pulled in the back enterance.. ok so its not an enterance, but the sleds fit easily between the rocks so it was the best way in. LOL.

It was nice and wet and pretty cool so we were able to get a few good yanks to see what the sleds would do. I learned that the stock airbox on teh ZRT suck ass. I ended up yanking it and running with no box on the last 2 runs. What a differance. When they say the 2000 and up boxes hog the ZRTs bad they are right. I will be setting up a set of Uni filters on that sled asap. Screw the airbox crap.

Really need to stud the ZRT as well. I yanked the studs out of it because they were bent and worn pretty bad. I had all I could do to keep the sled strait when I ran it as the combination of water and wet grass was so slick the sled went sideways.. lol.

I found out I still have a little bit of work to dial it in b4 snow flies. Gotta get them filters on, and make brackets for the CDI n coils and something to hold the toolbox. Maybe I will use the standard airbox top and just make a frame to hold that in there somehow... *shrugs*

Ahhhhh that 1st real zip across the field.. We figured we was running around 500 feet or so and was hitting around high 80's to low 90's even with no studs and not really beating on it too bad as I do not know the sled yet and did not want to blow her up or anything. We even had some spectators show up. They must have heard that MBRP can growling throgh the woods. LOL

I think I will head down there again next weekend as well hopefully it is a bit cooler. Maybe head out early in the am this time.
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